Mon 1-May-2017
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Fundraising events for CWS' emergency relief and recovery efforts in Nepal
2 weeks after Nepal was devastated by a strong earthquake it was hit yet again by another 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake on Tuesday.  Communities are traumatized; homes, schools and health posts are destroyed and people are living in constant fear. However, in all this tragedy we have seen so much hope, warmth and kindness; it is during trying times like this HK unites so beautifully.  With your kind support we have been able to provide shelter, emergency relief, health care and counseling to 30,000 people and we will soon start rebuilding homes and schools. Please click here for photos and updates.

Our teams and partners in Nepal find the hope and strength to move forward knowing they have so many people standing by them. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many supporters who have given their time, energy and funds to CWS. Many people have organised fundraising events over the past two weeks (thank you!) and many more are still to come in the coming weeks. We hope you will join us at some of the upcoming events and be a part of this fundraising initiative to help Nepal.

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