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CWS City Challenge 2013

SO YOU WERE READY!  You were great!  Thank you for joining the City Challenge on Saturday.  We had a great day and were amazed with the energy and enthusiasm you all brought to the event.

We cannot believe that a handful of teams actually managed to complete all check points and pit stops!!  Super impressive!

The top 5 corporate teams were: -

1.     Team ‘RBS HR2’ with 31 points

2.     Team ‘We don’t do pineapple’ with 29 points

3.     Team 8 - Clifford Chance - with 29 points (lost out to ‘We don’t do pineapple’ in the knock-out round on stage)

4.     Team ‘Someone ordered pizza?’ with 28 points

5.     Team ‘RBS RL’ with 27 points

The top 5 general teams were: -

1.     Team ‘Blue Margaritas’ with 34 points

2.     Team ‘Running out of Time’ with 34 pints (lost out to ‘Blue Margaritas’ in the knock-out round on stage)

3.     Team ‘Sagarmatha’ with 33 points

4.     Team ‘Scarab’ with 32 points

5.     Team ‘29’ & ‘30’ drawn 5th place with 29 points

The winner of the hero checkpoint was team POWER TO PIZZA – view image.  Sweet Secrets will create a dozen cupcakes using your winning image as a gift to you.  We will contact you separately with further details.

The winner of the SCAD structure checkpoint was team RUNNING OUT OF TIME – view image.

Please click here to view all the race photos.  If you have any photos from the event please do share them with us via Facebook or email; we’d love to see them!

Great effort to Tanner De Witt for making t-shirts with prayer flags for the fancy dress prize – enjoy your dining at Pizza Express!

Thank you all so much!  Some teams are still fundraising so we are keeping this open until Monday 18th March.  So please do keep fundraising for a chance to win 3 nights stay in a beautiful farmhouse in Nepal.


Currently in its second year, the annual CWS City Challenge is an ’Amazing Race’ inspired event highlighting Hong Kong’s hidden gems.

Organised by Urban Discovery ( exclusively for Child Welfare Scheme (CWS), the CWS City Challenge will be held on Saturday afternoon 2nd March 2013. Teams will put their knowledge, communication and navigations skills, creativity, stamina and team spirit to the test to complete the scavenger hunt across culturally inspiring, historically interesting and energy thriving parts of Hong Kong.

The first ever CWS City Challenge in February 2012 was a huge success. Demand was so overwhelming that race organisers had to increase the race capacity, but with over 200 applications people still had to be turned away. We are sure they will be back this year full of energy ready to win! 

                                                                                              Great prizes to be won!

Top fundraising team takes home a 3 nights stay in a beautiful farmhouse in Nepal.

Other prizes include stay at Thai Luxury Villa- Suralai, Vouchers from Sol wellness, Pizza Express dinning vouchers, The Lobby @ Peninsula dinning voucher, Tangerine restaurant dinning voucher, Escapade shopping vouchers & Racing The Planet store shopping vouchers. It's more than just a fun charity event!

Race format

  • Duration 2 pm-5pm
  • Starting Point: Hollywood Road Park
  • Finish point: Sin Sin Art Gallery
  • Objective is to collect coins, the team that collects most coins is the winner
  • Teams can win coins by solving clues and playing checkpoint games
  • There will be roughly 12 check points.  Teams are free to decide which check points to visit and they receive coins when a challenge is complete at each check point.  The number of coins awarded depends on the location and degree of difficulty.  The challenge is two fold - finding each check point using clues given on the map and completing the challenge when arriving at each check point.
  • In addition there will be 6 compulsory pit stops.  ‘Must visits’ to recognise our main sponsors and for teams to freshen up with food or drink. 
  • Team members must check-in at each check point as a team and be at the finish line before 5pm.
  • Any team arriving after the finish time is disqualified – but will have had loads of fun anyway!
  • Each participant will receive a special souvenir, food, drink and a fun party at the finish line!
  • Teams are minimum 2 and maximum 5 people. 

Please click here to find out how much fun all of us had last year!
Please check out this 1 minute video: -

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