Thu 21-Jun-2018
City Challenge 2017

City Challenge is an exciting fun packed afternoon!  Get together with friends, family and colleagues to form a team and join the fun!

The 3 hour challenge takes teams through an 8 km course (teams do not have to cover the entire course) consisting of 30 check points, each with its unique challenge.  When arriving at a checkpoint each team will have to either answer a question, complete a physical challenge or take a fun team photo.  At the end, points are awarded for each successful challenge and the team with the highest points wins.  Teams do not need to cover all checkpoints and teams do not win by finishing first!

This is about having fun, getting to know the real Hong Kong, navigating our amazing streets, exploring our historical past and doing things as a team!

We hope each team will do some fundraising to support our projects.  Teams who raise a minimum of HK$500 on top of the registration fee (see below) will start the event with a bonus point.  Please download a sponsorship form here.  All donations above HK$100 are tax deductible. Top fundraising team will win a 2nights/ 3days stay at the beautiful Pavilions Himalayas Resort! (to be eligible total raised must be above HK$8,000 per team and the deadline for fundraising is 31st March 2017) 

Another bonus point is awarded to teams who have a team member that has liked and shared our facebook page

This event is suitable for HKs fittest as well as family's just wanting to have fun.  Everyone can enjoy this event and will have a great time!

This event supports our efforts to improve the Government education system in Nepal. The goal is to improve teaching quality, educational resources and infrastructure such as libraries, toilets, clean water, safe classrooms, computers etc.  By making schools safer, more fun and interesting, children will tend to stay in school longer. The longer a child stays in school the longer they are protected against trafficking and exploitation. 20% of net proceeds will go towards Gurkha Cemeteries Trust offering Online High School Diploma Scholarships to Nepalese youth in Hong Kong.

Registration Fees
Early Bird: HK$200 per person (21st December-  31st January 2017)
Regular Entry: HK$250 per person (1st February - 28th February 2017)
Late Entry: HK$300 per person (1st March - 7th March 2017)

*Teams consist of a Min of 2 people and Max of 5 people

Race format: 

Over 40 teams and a total of 200 people are expected to join the event which is made up of over 30 checkpoints each with their own unique challenge.  The checkpoints are evenly split into 3 challenge categories:

•A physical challenge (physical & creative)

•A photo challenge (visual & creative)

•An information challenge (general knowledge)

*Teams earn points at check points and the team with the most points wins.

There are some exciting prizes for the top teams in each category and the best dressed team.

Please see here for a brief overview of past City Challenge.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following: 

 Join the event committee

 Volunteer on the day

 Sponsor the event – in cash or in-kind

Feature the event 

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