Mon 25-Jun-2018
Lamma Rush

Thank you for joining the inaugural version of the Lamma RUSH - Family Adventure Race.

 We enjoyed it and we hope you had a great day out with the family!

 Urban Discovery have posted some pictures of the event on facebook - this link

 Many thanks to Urban Discovery, our sponsors, all volunteers, the Lamma community and HK scouts  who made this event possible.  We couldn’t have done it without you!
The Lamma Rush, together with Lamma Fun Day supports our educational and vocational training programmes in Nepal – a country where half the children do not complete primary school, 1 in every 3 children must work to feed themselves, 12,000 girls are forcefully trafficked to India each year and most have limited opportunities to create sustainable lives for themselves.  Our programmes give them the health care they need, the training and education they wish for and the hope and desire to dream again.  Thank you for being part of that!

 Did you enjoy it?  If so, we hope you can support Urban Discovery by spending a few minutes to write a review on trip advisor – this really helps them by increasing awareness amongst international travelers.  Urban Discovery is  all about discovering the hidden gems in HK’s urban jungle though fun & intelligent events.  They are a small non-profit company and they can use your support.  If you enjoyed it, please help them by writing a review on tripadvisor  by clicking this link.


 Lamma Rush - A Fun Family Challenge

Raising funds for children in need

Saturday 24th November 2012

Lamma Rush will be held on the same day as the 12th annual Lamma Fun Day which is a family day out with live music, food & drinks, children’s games, beach volleyball, arts & crafts, market stalls and a charity auction. Lamma Fun Day attracts a crowd of 2,000 people and is where the Lamma Rush will finish.  Both events will be supporting Child Welfare Scheme (CWS), a charity dedicated to providing life changing services to children in Nepal (

Organised by Urban Discovery ( Lamma Rush will be a two hour event for families to explore the hidden gems of Lamma Island and  a unique opportunity to experience a fun challenge together. Family teams will put their knowledge, navigations skills, creativity, stamina and team spirit to the test to complete the scavenger hunt across interesting, educational, historically and culturally rich Lamma Island.

Race format

  • Duration 2 pm-4pm
  • Starting Point: Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier 
  • Finish point: Powerstation Beach
  • Objective is to collect coins, the team that collects most coins is the winner
  • Teams can win coins by solving clues and playing checkpoint games
  • There will be roughly 8 check points.  Teams are free to decide which check points to visit and they receive coins when a challenge is complete at each check point.  The number of coins awarded depends on the location and degree of difficulty.  The challenge is two fold - finding each check point/pit stop using clues given on the map and completing the challenge when arriving at each check point/pit stop.
  • In addition there will be 5 compulsory pit stops.  ‘Must visits’ to recognise our main sponsors and for teams to freshen up with food or drink. 
  • Team members must check-in at each check point as a team and be at the finish line before 4 pm.
  • Any team arriving after the finish time is disqualified – but will have had loads of fun anyway!
  • Each participant will receive a special souvenir, food, drink and a fun party at the finish line at the annual Lamma Fun Day and an afternoon of sweat, excitement and laughter!
  • Teams are minimum 2 and maximum 5 people. 
  • Minimum donation to enter HK$1,000 per team.

To download registration form please click here. 

Please check out this 1 minute video: -


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