Mon 25-Jun-2018
'Outside In' Photography Exhibition

In 2011 CWS worked with 15 children living on the streets to put together this exciting project.  These children were provided with photography training and some cameras and then set off to capture the world around them.  Thanks to 10 Chancery Lane, a selection of the photos were exhibited in Hong Kong in 2011 and are still available for you to enjoy.  Please contact us if you would like to see more.


Children outside of parental care are a diverse group: street children, working children, institutionalised children, children in the juvenile justice system, victims of sexual exploitation and many more. While these children are in diverse situations and each child is unique, as a group they share common risks, vulnerabilities and problems.

In categorising these children into specific groups, such as street children, it is often easy for government and society to ignore the fact that these children share many common issues and represent a significant constituency in Nepalese society. While their contexts may vary, the reasons for their situation and the challenges they face are common among them.

CWS is undertaking an advocacy project with children to present through their own photography and stories the diversity and unity of children outside of parental care. The goal aim is to encourage stakeholders in Nepal to gain a greater insight into the situations of these children who have been failed by their families, government and society.


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