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Date: August 12, 2017

Time: 11am-6pm

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium, 18 Oi Kwan Road, Morrison Hill, Wan Chai 

Application Method: Please sign up to be a participant (15-19 yrs) or a facilitator (19 yrs+) through this link

This summer, featuring Joul from DR.EGGS and Amusix Prod, CWSHK will challenge you to write a song in a day, while getting to know other aspiring musicians and bettering the lives of children, youth, women in Nepal.


While Hong Kong often pride itself as the world city of Hong Kong, there is an observable segregation between local Chinese and ethnic minorities, largely due to the language barrier and the way the educational system is constructed. We believe that music can act as a common language between us all and make the process of FUNdraising musically fun.


-Learn basic technical knowledge and tips for songwriting from a professional songwriter

-Create a 2-minute song in a group with the guidance of facilitators

-Exchange and get to know young musicians of different backgrounds

-Fundraise for children, women, and young adults in Nepal


Facilitators: 19 years or older; plays an instrument and has leadership experience

Participants: 15-19 years old; with basic knowledge in music

When is the Application Deadline?

3rd Aug 2017


Please fill in the application form through this link .

Fee/Fundraising Amount: To take part in this challenge, participants and facilitators will have to fundraise/donate at least $100 individually ($500 is the recommended amount). More fundraising details will be sent through e-mail.

You may also e-mail or contact Alice

at 2526 8810(Office) or 6779 0908 (Mobile) for further enquires.

Amusix Prod:


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