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Racing the Planet Nepal 2011

28th November 2011

They did it!  Douglas Maclagan, Gandhi Suppiah, Jeroen Touw, Becky Yang, Max D'Auriol, Michael Chandler, Michael Ormiston & Bruno Merlin all crossed the finish line on Saturday.  Michael Ormiston came in 3rd place!  What a fantastic achievement.

We had a good friend, Bruno join the CWS racers out there and he and Douglas did most of the race together.
They have all conquered what is likely to be the toughest thing they have done – it took the winners about 28 hours and those at the end of the pack took about 68 hours.  It takes a lot of physical and mental strength to be out there for that long, but they did it!   As Michael Chandler said in his blog at the end “This race was about survival, endurance, determination and lots of good luck.”


Douglas, Michael Chandler and Michael Ormiston, Gandhi and Jeroen all kept a blog – please visit here and click on their names to read their blogs.  We really recommend reading them.  They contain stories of bravery, kindness and determination.  Just amazing!

Thank you to all racers and to all sponsors who together raised over HK$400,000 (US$50,000).  This will allow tens of thousands of children access life saving health care in Nepal.

24th November 2011

The CWS racers are doing amazingly out in Nepal.

Michael Ormiston is currently ranked 2nd!

Unfortunately, Lily Liu had to withdraw after the first day – We hope she is doing well and enjoying the time in the mountains, relaxing and watching the others race.  Though we have a sneaking suspicious she might end up having to volunteer and help out the other racers.  No rest!

It was Max’s Birthday yesterday; he celebrated his 60th out there, what an amazing achievement and gift to himself.  As a treat to Max, the entire group were able to sleep in tea houses rather than tents and enjoy warm food prepared by locals – the local Daal Bhat.  They must have felt almost human after some warm freshly prepared food.

The other 6 are going strong.  Douglas is keeping a blog which is very interesting to read.  Please visit here to get an insight into what they are doing everyday up in the mountains.

A total of 36 have dropped out; out of 221 who started and there’s a few more days to go – hang in there guys, enjoy and go for it! You may view their results here and you may send them a message here. They get to read messages every night so please do send them a note – I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

Total funds raised by all of them is now up to HK$400,000!    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING CWS AND THESE TOUGH TROOPERS!


In November this year, a group of adventurous CWS supporters will take part in Racing the Planet Nepal 2011 to raise money for CWS. They will spend 7 days covering a distance of 250 km around Pokhara at altitudes of up to 11,000 feet!  While these intrepid supporters take on this challenge, you can get involved and show them your support from the comfort of your home or office by making a donation here.

So far these amazing CWS Racers have raised HK$217,000 for our projects in Nepal.

You may track each competitor by visiting the Racing the Planet website.  On their website you can also send each competitor messages that they will be able to read every day when they get back to camp.  Please send them a note as this will give them strength and encouragement to keep going.

The race starts on Saturday 20th November.  We wish them the best of luck; stay safe and have a great time.
CWS Racers
Friends racing for CWS:
Becky Yang
Douglas Maclagan - Read his story here
Gandhi Suppiah - Read his story here
Jeroen Touw
Lily Liu
Max D'Auriol - Read his story here
Michael Chandler
Michael Ormiston - Read his story here

If you'd like to support any of the CWS racers, please email or send your kind donation to the CWS office directly.  We accept cheque, bank transfer or credit card donations through paypal – please click here for more information.  Please make a note of the person you are sponsoring on the cheque, bank transfer or paypal page to ensure we can track your donation.  Thank you!  We are able to issue HK tax receipts.
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