Mon 25-Jun-2018
Shake & Bake

We are extremely delighted to announce that over 50 bakers, 10 hosts came together to collectively raise a whopping HK$55,000 through Shake & Bake.

The amount raised will enable us to do so much in Nepal, please see below infographic to find out what exactly the funds will do for us. 

Please see below photo collage consisting photos from different Shake & Bake events.

With your kind support, we hope that we will be able to make the next year’s event bigger, better and more fun. 


The CWS Shake & Bake is a fundraising opportunity for companies, schools, clubs/associations and individuals to get involved by hosting a bake sale.
By enjoying some delicious baked treats, you’ll be raising money to support children’s education in Nepal. Funds raised through Shake & Bake will support children in Nepal to receive a safe and effective education; thereby remaining in school longer, protected longer and with improved prospects of future employment.

The ‘Child Friendly School’ Project is a 4-year project to improve both the physical environment and the quality of education in 49 Government schools in Nepal. The project improves teaching quality, educational resources and infrastructure such as libraries, toilets, clean water, safe classrooms, computers etc. By making schools safer, more fun and interesting, children will stay in school longer. The longer a child stays in school the longer they are protected against trafficking and exploitation and the better chances they have of securing a livelihood and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. “Shake & Bake is a phrase used when someone did something completely AWESOME” - Urban Dictionary (definition) So do something AWESOME by participating in the Shake & Bake and raise money for a worthy cause!

There are four ways participants (companies & individuals) can host Shake & Bake.

Bake an item for sale at your Shake & Bake event.

Shake (a fundraising tin) to raise money outside of the Bake sale. All donations over HK$100 are tax deductible. In other fundraisers, some companies have chosen to match the donations generated from the event.

3. BUY
Buy an item for sale at the Shake & Bake event.

If you don’t have the capacity to bake something, companies/schools/groups may choose to purchase morning/afternoon tea for their staff; and then ask the staff to donate something in lieu of receiving a free morning/afternoon tea.

Please do not hesitate to email at or call us on 2526 8810 if you have any questions

Download Shake & Bake information pack

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