Mon 25-Jun-2018
University Apprentice

Students from universities in Hong Kong have put their communication, creativity, stamina and team spirit to implement fundraising projects at their respective university.

The top 3 fundraising teams have entered the final competition on Cheung Chau on 26 July 2014. The hot weather didn’t affect the students’ determination to carry out their projects and help disadvantaged children in Nepal.

We are happy to announce that the teams Azurite (HKU), Socnergy (Baptist University) and LingU (Lingnan University) raised a total of HK$ 20,767 for CWS to pay for 5 months of food for women and girls in our Safe Home who have been victims of abuse and violence. We were overwhelmed by the support from the public, who visited our booths and cheered us on the day! We would also like to thank our media sponsors, Uwants and HK Discuss as well as the prize sponsors, Song Hee BB Cute and Les Artistes

University Apprentice embodies the valuable ideal of youth helping youth and it can provide students with a real-life experience of project and business implementation. We enjoyed working with these energetic and creative students.
Thank you so much for your participation and support! 

See you next year for another University Apprentice!

Apprentice Format
  • From April to July, teams are required to set up their own fundraising projects at each university, or other designated places. The projects are wide-range, ideas include setting up a charity booth, organising a fundraising event, a music show, bake sale etc.  

  • The top 3 teams, who raise the most funds will participate the Cheung Chau Challenge on 26 July 2014 (Saturday).  

  • The team who wins the most coins in Cheung Chau Challenge will win the Apprentice.
  • The winning team will have a chance to win exciting prizes, get an internship interview and a recommendation letter. 
  • Team members of all team will receive an Appreciation Certificate.

To know more about how to get involved, please download the proposal.  

Contact us for sponsorship opportunities. 

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