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Wendy to race for welfare
18th June, 2012

Wendy did it! 250kms in the Gobi desert to raise funds for young children living in the Himalaya's.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing effort! We are super proud of you! Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and passion!

Thank you to all the teachers and students from Sha Tin College and your friends too who gave so generously towards CWS in support of your massive undertaking in the desert! Together you raised over HK$ 50,000!

We are overwhelmed by you all.

Wendy – enjoy some ice cold drinks and large pizzas! And some foot massages!

All the best,
Wendy Does Gobi March
Wendy is an inspiring teacher from Shatin College who will be challenging herself to race in the Gobi Desert to raise funds for a CWS project. Her 7 days foot race starts on 10th June and will cover 250km across different terrains ranging from sand dunes to rocky river beds. 
She wishes to raise enough to support one of our early childhood development centres located in remote villages in Nepal. These centres provide early childhood education and a safer environment for young children. 
Please remember to share and like her page to support her in this ordeal.

Please click here to track Wendy's progress and click here to send her an email once the race begins.

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