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Our Projects

Current Projects

CWS' mission is to provide protection, education, health care and opportunities to disadvantaged children and their families.

In line with this, we are currently working with our partners on the following projects:

  • Preventing trafficking at the grassroots levelWith an increasing number of Nepalese men and women leaving the country each day in search of job opportunities, many of them are vulnerable to trafficking and bonded labour. Young girls are especially at risk, with growing trends of internal and external trafficking leading many to be forced to work in dance bars or in brothels.
    In partnership with Shakti Samuha, we are working to alleviate this problem by working at the community level and work on raising awareness to prevent trafficking before adolescents in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families fall victim to it.
  • Promoting Child Rights through Media and ArtChild labour, early marriage, domestic violence, child abuse, corporal punishment... are regular occurrences in Nepal. This is due in great part to a lack of awareness and understanding about child rights and what they constitute.
    In partnership with Right4Children, we are working with children aged 12-17 to empower them and give them the skills and the means to speak about child rights and issues which matter to them.
  • Providing disadvantaged young adults with hospitality training to improve their livesThere are few opportunities in Nepal for young adults and even less for those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    In partnership with Right4Children and Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, we train 25 young adults each year in cooking, waiting and housekeeping and after training for one year in Nepal they are offered a chance to work for at least one year in a Movenpick Hotel in the Middle East.
  • Providing a safe place for women victims of violence and abuseIn Nepal, there are numerous cases of violence against women, a majority of the reported cases are due to domestic violence. Due to a lack of support and existing facilities, many women end up on the streets and often suffer from mental psychosocial problems.  
    In partnership with Kopila Nepal, in our Safe Home, we offer women basic necessities as well as psychosocial counseling and therapeutic and income generation activities. We try to reintegrate them with their families where possible and find long term solutions for them.
  • Reintegrating children from Nepal's corrupt orphanagesTaking advantage of tourists' and foreigners' good intentions, many Nepal orphanages have become businesses.The children are kept in poor conditions to attract more donations from visitors which never reach the children they are intended for. Many children in fact are severely mistreated and facing mental and physical abuse on a regular basis and it is estimated that 80% of the children in these homes are not orphans.
    In partnership with Sano Paila, we are supporting a children's receiving home. Children who are rescued from corrupt orphanages are put in our care. We provide crucial services, offering a medical check up and counseling to help rehabilitate the children. Our aim is to track down the children's families and support their reintegration.
  • Providing a family unit for children affected and infected by HIV and AIDSHIV is a growing issue in Nepal, but given the stigma attached to it, it still remains a very sensitive topic. All the children in our family unit run by Star Children, are either infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. Some have been born HIV+ due to their parents not receiving the proper treatment, or have been orphaned by the disease. In addition to providing them with retrovirals and medical check ups, we aim to create a family environment for the children to strive and reach their full potential.
  • Providing children in rural areas with Early Childhood Education (ECD): Early childhood education has not only been demonstrated to be crucial for the children's development during the formative years of their young lives but has also shown to ease children's entry into primary school helping retention rates in primary and secondary school which is crucial in Nepal where drop-out rates are high.
    In partnership with CWSN, we are supporting 21 ECD centres helping over 450 children annually to develop skills to become fulfilled young individuals. 
  • Asha healthcare - Providing healthcare and education to the most disadvantaged: With an increasing population in urban areas with rural population moving to cities in search of better opportunities, there has been an increasing disparity of access to healthcare. While the government is slowly addressing this issue, in partnership with CWSN, we are providing primary healthcare to disadvantaged children and women in order to help address the maternal and child mortality rates.
  • Providing opportunities for disadvantaged youth: In order to empower disadvantaged youths to become independent and able to support themselves, we are providing them, in partnership with CWSN, courses in vocational training. Trainees can choose from different trades: electrician and plumbers for boys and housekeeping and tailoring for girls.
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