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JYOTI Vocational Training

JYOTI Vocational Training - Providing opportunities for disadvantaged youth

Nepal with its current lack of economic development and political stability has little opportunities to offer many of its youth and workforce. Disadvantaged youths from poor and vulnerable backgrounds often do not have the education or the skills to find opportunities where they are able to sustain themselves and their families due to an ever growing job market.

JYOTI means ‘Blaze of Brightness' in Nepalese. The children and young people who benefit from JYOTI are among the most disadvantaged in Nepal – they come from backgrounds of extreme poverty, child labour, commercial and sexual exploitation, and social marginalization.

Project Overview

The JVTC opened in 2002 to provide vocational training and opportunities to many disadvantaged youth in Nepal. All of the children who come through JVTC come from difficult and precarious backgrounds. Most have been victims of bonded labour, sexual trafficking, living in the streets, orphaned or living in extreme poverty. Many struggle with basic literacy skills, trauma, lack confidence and need specialised support to build up their skills and encourage their reinsertion and independence.

Now in its 13th year, JVTC remains to this day a unique centre in Nepal, the only centre taking youth with limited education and challenging backgrounds from across Nepal and providing a range of comprehensive services to promote their skills, confidence and reinsertion into society. The aim is for the children to be able to sustain a stable living and find a job so that they can support themselves and their family.

At the JVTC the beneficiaries receive housing, food, health and counselling services, skill training, basic education classes and basic IT classes. They are treated with respect and consideration, carry out activities such as gardening, neighbourhood cleaning which gives them pride and builds their confidence.


The project’s objective is to provide disadvantaged youths with the skills necessary to find a job and empower them to find opportunities to sustain themselves and help to sustain their family.

Achieved in the past 6 months

138 trainees were supported during this period: 
  • 60 residential trainees (12th batch) were newly enrolled
  • 51 beneficiaries from the (11th batch) who have just graduated and received support through job facilitation or mid-way Home services
  • 27 graduate trainees (from 10th batch) through midway home services and job placement services

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