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About Kopila Nepal

KOPILA-Nepal is a non-profit making, non-sectarian, non-governmental social organization based in Pokhara, Nepal.  In Nepali, the word ‘kopila’ means ‘flower bud’, something delicate that needs nurturing and protecting until it comes into flower. It also stands for Keep Our People Informed, Learning and Advocating. They engage with the most vulnerable members of communities to actively seek out their rights, as well as with all the community in order to facilitate the protection of those who are most marginalized.

After its establishment in 2001, Kopila Nepal’s founders raised money locally, from friends and from their own pockets to open two schools in remote areas. With their first grant in 2003, they began supporting the education of underprivileged children in 4 Village Development Committees (VDCs), expanding the program in 2004 to reach 14 VDCs. Through this work, they recognized many more of the difficulties faced by the children they were serving, including the inability of family members to financially support their education, domestic and gender based violence, women’s lack of decision-making power over income earned, and the effects of the civil war on women and children’s rights and their psychosocial well-being.

Their programs  expanded to meet the needs of the most marginalized women and children, not only teaching them about their rights, but also addressing the psychosocial and economic barriers to these rights. 

Their Vision
We envision a society in which the rights of all people are respected, all people have access to opportunities, information, and services, governing bodies are responsive to citizens, and our families and communities live in peace.

Their Mission
Kopila Nepal strives to make sure that the most marginalized women and children in our working areas are able to enjoy their fundamental human rights and psychosocial well-being.We work with community members, local, national and international governments and non-governmental organizations to bring about the essential structural changes needed to eliminate social disparities of all kinds and to achieve social justice and equity for all.

Their Goals
  • Enable marginalized women and children to advocate for their rights through education, leadership development, livelihood start-up and emotional support.
  • Decrease discrimination and abuse to the most marginalized women and children of the communities.
  • Build capacity of community members, professionals and others about human rights, psychosocial well-being, and their own essential role in creating a supportive environment for those most in need.
  • Raise local and national awareness about psychosocial well-being and the human rights, legal rights and needs of marginalized women and children.
  • Assist individuals in our working areas to heal from trauma and other impediments to their psychosocial well-being.

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