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About Right4Children

Right4Children was conceived by Douglas and, Insuba Maclagan-Tamang, after having both worked in the grass-root level international development sector in Nepal for 18 years.

Originally, Douglas founded a local charity in Nepal called Child Welfare Scheme Nepal (CWSN) in 1995. Insuba founded the very first Day Care Health Centre in the remote village of Saimarang in 1995, which later on was implemented in partnership with CWSN. In 1997, Douglas established Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) in London to fund CWSN’s operations. In 2003, another CWS funding chapter was established in Hong Kong.
CWSN was successfully handed over to its local board in 2007 and is now a well-known independent local operator in Nepal.  Together CWS UK & HK grew to a combined income of US$1.6 million annually supporting well over 40,000 children and women each year, and has worked to date, with 14 local partners, including CWSN.

Since 1994, Douglas and Insuba have started, managed and handed-over scores of projects in both remote and urban Nepal. These range from Early Childhood Development and Primary Health Care services, to establishing outreach street children centres, and rehabilitation & vocational training centres for disadvantaged and marginalized youth in urban Pokhara. Others include public health (safe motherhood) and environmental projects introducing improved cooking stoves in rural and urban slum family homes, and many more projects reducing unnecessary suffering.

These life experiences of successes and failures, practical learning of what works and what does not at grass-root level service delivery for the most forgotten children and young people in Nepal, have motivated Insuba and Douglas to start their next chapter. They have learned what is right for children and young people by listening and working in partnership with them. It is from this backdrop, and the belief of their late Mother, Theresa Beaumont, who gave so much to children in general, and Nepali children in particular, that ‘Right4Children’ (R4C) has come to creation, and promises to have a very bright future!

A life in which marginalised & stigmatised children and young people can exercise their rights and voices, and reach their full potential.

To assist those children and young people who have been obstructed to develop and live their life, to realise the change they have always desired.
In partnership with, and full participation of the beneficiaries themselves, design and execute powerful exemplary programmes & services that are RIGHT for the most disadvantaged and marginalised children and young people in Nepal.

Right4Children together with the voices of these youngsters will then use these best-practice examples to bring strong awareness, and build platforms to  advocate, and educate the people at all levels to realise long lasting, sustainable change in Nepal (and beyond). 

To provide assistance to those in poverty so that they can prosper on a sustainable basis.

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