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About Sano Paila

Sano Paila (A Little Step) is a member-based, non-governmental, non-partisan organization working towards community development in the socially marginalized and impoverished regions of rural Nepal. Sano Paila has been empowering vulnerable groups to provide them with better opportunities to maximize economic, social and environmental opportunities, thereby reducing poverty and injustice.

The idea that it often just takes "a little step" to serve one’s community and induce positive change inspired the name. The organisation was founded by a group of self-motivated and dynamic youths in 2006. Sano Paila envisions a community where development is spearheaded by the members of the community itself thus ensuring equitable participation (with a strong focus on youths) and sustainability. 

They undertake their projects based on a community-wide approach, enhancing and promoting the voices of the community with a strong emphasis on youth, and inspiring people to tackle problems ignored by the government, private sectors, and security sectors with home grown solutions.

Since their establishment, they have addressed broad issues of social change, community empowerment and local resource mobilization through an extensive network of local, national and international development partners, NGOs and government departments.

Their projects are diverse and target to improving the lives of rural communities and bring positive change. Special emphasis is placed on youth empowerment, addiction treatment, educational initiatives, health improvement and anti- child trafficking. They recognise that the protection of human rights, access to education and development of Nepal’s youth and their leadership capabilities will be key to bringing about social, economic, and political change.

Their vision
Building unified, self-reliant and empowered communities to build the nation

Their Mission
Sano Paila aims to build unified, self-reliant & empowered communities in Nepal through sustainable development, rehabilitation and livelihood enhancement, peace-building, health improvement and educational programs.

They are primarily focused on improving the economic, health, social, education, cultural and environmental conditions of the vulnerable and underprivileged communities, to integrate these communities into the life of the nation, and to enable them to contribute fully for the sustainable development of Nepal.

Founding Philosophy
“It is a true fact that we ourselves hold the key to social reform and are responsible for the overall development of our communities. We are truly devoted to the idea that as the power of spirit rises within, so does the desire to serve our communities. We constantly seek a comprehensive approach towards care for and advancement of the poor and disadvantaged, and acknowledge that the best means to reach our goal is a large heart, an open mind and innovations based on needs, best practices and new technologies."


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