Wed 18-Jul-2018
Building an earthquake resistant school in Mugribesi village (2008-2009)

Nepal has a high risk of earthquakes because it is situated directly over the active fault line between India and Tibet. The world’s crust is divided in tectonic plates, which are slowly moving, on average with about 5 centimeters per year. About 50 million years ago the subcontinent of India has collided with the Tibetan high Plateau. As a result, Mount Everest is still growing 2 cm per year.

CWS and our local partner rebuilt and repaired 9 classrooms in the Mugribesi school to build it earthquake resistant, providing a safe learning environment for 185 children each year. We trained local masons and carpenters about earthquake resistant construction enabling more schools to be rebuilt and repaired in the future.

In all building projects, our partner introduced durable and ecological techniques and solutions which can be afforded by the poorest people. Expensive concrete and steel were replaced with natural materials like compressed soil blocks or reused materials such as mountain stones and wooden frames. The local communities were always involved from the start until the completion of the project, including the purchase of materials and the hiring of laborers. These factors are important for success and they underlie the ownership and responsibilities of the villages.

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