Wed 18-Jul-2018

Improved Cooking Stoves

The problem in Nepal

Energy is essential to meet everyone’s most basic needs: cooking, boiling water, lighting and heating. It is also a prerequisite for good health. 95% of Nepal gets its energy from cooking on open fires in their homes, causing millions of people to suffer with difficulty in breathing, stinging eyes, terrible burns and chronic respiratory disease – all leading to increased child mortality and morbidity. Day in day out, and for hours at a time, women and their small children breathe in amounts of smoke equivalent to consuming two packs of cigarettes per day!
CWS’ solution in rural areas CWS recognised this problem 12 years ago and instigated a programme to introduce cleaner burning chimney stoves into over 1,800 homes in Kaski and Lumjung Districts. The project came to an end in 2009 when 86% of the households in the catchment area had installed an Improved Cooking Stove – 1,561 of the 1,807 households (9,758 people). The team began to phase out the project and in July 2009 successfully handed it over to the local community to maintain.

Next step – Solution in urban areas

During the civil war in Nepal, many people fled rural villages to live in urban slum areas, often whole families in a single small room. Many of the same people who used our services in rural villages are now living in urban slum areas in need of assistance. Parents search for manual work from early morning whilst their children cook their food in this one room, on open smoky fires. These homes in the slum areas of Pokhara and Butwal number up to 5,000, most of which are burning biomass on crude inefficient stoves.

The solution – a two pot rocket stove with chimney!

  • Hot burning stove releases little smoke or fumes
  • Smoke, poisonous gases vented out of the home
  • Highly efficient, saving around 40% in fuel costs
  • Time saved cooking two dishes at once
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning of the metal stove

We’ve started a pilot project and will keep you updated as to its progress!  
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