Wed 18-Jul-2018

PHASE - Taking healthcare skills to the high Himalayan regions of Nepal!

The high Himalayan regions of Nepal running parallel to the Tibet/Chinese border are the remotest of Nepal. Here people have never seen a road, car, plane or doctor! Government infrastructure has not functioned in this area for a long time and the majority of the population has lacked any access to basic health care and has been reliant on traditional healers.

CWS works with PHASE to provide an appropriate, accessible and affordable health service for disadvantaged rural communities in this region. The project improves the health of people in this region, especially mothers and children, who are often most at risk of falling ill.

Despite the challenges of working in such a remote area, the project has evolved well and now delivers primary health care from government health facilities, outreach clinics and health promotion programs through a wider geographical area than was originally planned.
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