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Project Share HK

Project Share began in 2011 and had an extremely successful first year; bringing together students from disadvantaged communities with HK’s highly-skilled professionals working in some of the best known international organisations.  After a year under CWS the Board Directors agreed that it was a powerful project and should be an entity on its own.  Project Share is now a HK non profit organisation and its mission is ‘Connecting and Empowering Hong Kong Youth’.  You may contact them directly at or 5802 2945.

Like many cities in the world, the divide between different social groups in Hong Kong has increased, with mobility between different economic and social levels becoming more and more difficult.  The most extreme gaps in Hong Kong society are between those living in communities such as Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long and Sham Shui Po, and those on Hong Kong Island. Groups from these areas are overlooked and sometimes discriminated against, increasing the gap between these communities even further.

One result of this reduced mobility and discrimination is the difficulty many young people from these areas have in gaining access to the working environment and culture of Central district, and other business areas in Hong Kong. These areas represent the heart of Hong Kong’s financial, commercial, creative, government and professional institutions and offer a wide range of possibilities for careers and personal development.

In order to help these young people to bridge the gap and to give them the opportunity to experience and learn from professionals at well known international and local institutions, CWS has established Project Share.

Project Share was created directly from Duncan Jepson’s current documentary project, A Devil’s Gift, which focuses on the widening social divide and the diminishing social mobility in Hong Kong. While filming Duncan continually heard that many teenagers have little or no experience of the culture in environments like Central and Wanchai. Their insularity and lack of inclusion can result in a lack of understanding and development of the skills and capabilities needed to aspire to and compete for jobs and careers which ultimately provide better life chances. Briefly departing from his film, Duncan decided to create Project Share with CWS, and the Project has since become a part of his film. Charmaine Li-Jepson is also a producer of A Devil’s Gift.

Programme Details
Project Share internships vary from 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the student and the host organization. Interns will have a dedicated mentor from the organization who will provide support and share their knowledge and experience, helping them to identify and nurture vital personal and communication skills needed for the work place.  Project Share also seeks to be all encompassing.  Interns are given induction training prior to their work placements, and are provided with appropriate business attire for the office environment.  A stipend is paid to each intern to cover the commute to the office, and meals.  Ongoing training throughout the summer will be available to youth to assist them in their career development as well.

Project Share Ambassadors
RubberBand is a popular Hong Kong Band which was formed in 2004 and has 4 members at present.  In 2006, they sent their demos to records companies to seek for any opportunity and eventually succeeded.  They released their debut album “Apollo 18” on Sep 26, 2008 and won the Gold Award of New Group in 903 Music Award 2008.

Nov 23, 2009 was another significant date to RubberBand.  They had their first ever concert, 《RubberBand Concert #1》at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.  Also, they won several grand awards in various music awards during the same year.

More, the band name was inspired by “rubber band”, means it can connect stuff, as well as with high flexibility.

Project Share Advisor
Professor Lui Tai-lok
   M.Phil. HKU; M.Phil. ,D.Phil Oxford.
Professor Lui Tai-lok’s areas of expertise are Class analysis, Economic Sociology, Urban Sociology, and Hong Kong society. After taking a History major in his undergraduate years he then moved on to obtain an M.Phil. in Sociology at The University of Hong Kong and then an M.Phil. and a D.Phil., both in Sociology, at The University of Oxford. Taught at City Polytechnic (1986-88) and then at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1988-2009) before joining this department this academic year. A regular columnist in local newspapers and occasionally a radio programme host.

Duncan Jepson
Duncan Jepson was a CWS Board Director from 2009 to 2010 and instigated Project Share.  Duncan is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, directed and produced two documentary features: Hope Without Future? (2009) and Follow Your Heart: China’s New Youth Movement (2007). He was a founder and is currently Managing Editor of the Asia Literary Review, and previously editor of WestEast Magazine, which, amongst others, won the Society of Asian Publishers’ Award for Best Magazine 2003. His articles on the Chinese literary scene have been published in the South China Morning Post. He has also directed a mixed-media martial arts exhibition entitled Spirit of a Nation and is currently working on a new documentary feature, A Devil’s Gift, about the difficult future facing Hong Kong’s youth.

In 2004, he established a charity to support a girls’ school in Afghanistan. He advises charitable organizations on general strategy. He is currently head of legal and compliance for ING Investment Management Asia Pacific.

We are honoured to have pop band, ‘RubberBand’ be our Project Ambassadors and will be joining the press conference to discuss their involvement and why it is a cause close to them.  Professor Lui Tai Lok, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education), Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong is the Project Consultant and will share his views on social mobility.

Organisations supporting Project Share
CWS would like to thank the following organizations for hosting Project Share interns in 2011:
10 DesignBarney Cheng (Yenrabi Ltd.)
Engel & Voëlkers
G.O.D. Goods of Desire
ING Investment
Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Mayor Brown JSM
Oldham, Li &Nie Lawyers
Random Art Workshop
Red Bull
Tiberius Productions
Trimaran Corporate Communications
The Wharf (Holdings) Limited

Project Share thanks the following donors for their donation in kind:
§ Marks & Spencer for sponsoring the business attire for the interns.
§ Mallesons Stephen Jaques for allowing Project Share to conduct the induction training and ongoing trainings in their conference room space.
§ Team Building Asia for helping in the induction training by providing team building and self-awareness activities.
§ Ogilvy Public Relations for their support organizing the Project Share media conference and providing public relations support.

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