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CWS supports 32,000 children every year. Here are just a few of their stories.

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Sumina's Story
Sumina, a 4 year old girl from Tanahun, in the locality of Bhimad-8, came to Asha Clinic in December 2012, for an injury in her left leg sustained from a fall. Her mother had decided to bring her to the clinic after noticing..
Pawan's Story
Pawan, 14, came to Pokhara for the first time from Itahari with his friends. He ran away from home because of the physical abuse he was suffering at the hands of his step-father. He fell sick on his way to Pokhara because of lack of money and food, and was attacked on the street.
Sun Kumari's Story
My name is Sun Kumari, graduate of the Care Giver course at the JYOTI VTC. Since I graduated 3 years ago I have been working in an NGO called Star Children which supports HIV/AIDS affected children.
Rakesh's Story
My name is Rakesh and I am from Morang (a village from eastern part of Nepal). I was on the streets in Kathmandu and lived a miserable life as that was the only alternate left for me at that time. I had to leave my family because I could not bear my step mother's violence.
Sanu Bhai Story
Sanu Bhai (‘Sanu Bhai’ means little brother in Nepalese) was born to a very poor and illiterate family in the remote area of Tanahu district in Nepal. He was born as the seventeenth child in his family. His father Santaman and mother Saili had a total of 19 children of which only ten survived. His parent’s main occupation is weaving bamboo handicrafts called Dhoko and Nanglo.
Manu Story
Manu came to the JYOTI vocational training centre, following treatment and rehabilitation in hospital.
Prakash Story
Prakash, aged 15, was living on the streets and as a result had not washed especially during the recent cold weather. He had a severe infection on his head due to maggots and lice, and he became very ill.
Binodi Story
Binod is 13 years old, and used to live with his father and stepmother. He has been involved in stealing since he was young, and his stepmother even rewarded him for bringing home valuable items. He started to spend more time living and sleeping on the street, only returning home when he had something to give his stepmother.
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